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The original reason why i made this site was because i wanted my own personal slice of the internet, but now i use it as a way to archive myself.

🕫Media Reviews


Dungeon Meshi, 2014-2023
It is a story about consumption. How we eat to survive and

Bulbbul, 2020
The opening credits on its own are incredible. The character and set design is great, cgi is slightly questionable but doesn't detract from the overall story. I was already spoiled about some of the twists but that just made the suspense even better. I highly reccomend watching it, but do be warned that it shows a graphic depiction of rape and abuse in general.

Revolutionary Girl Utena, 1997
Oh wow! i was not expecting that! I will now throw up.

Our Dreams at Dusk, 2015-2018~
By the same author as Hiaerth: The End of the Journey, A heartfelt story about the struggles queer people face and how they handle them. Tchaiko's storyline in particular made me cry, even if it wasn't focused on until the last few chapters. I really love someone-san and how their identity ties into the themes of the story. Highly recommend.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 1870~
Really love Captain Nemo and his departure from civilization. Too many fish facts though.

Hiaerth: The End of the Journey, 2020-2022
Sad but comforting. it is a story that deals with death, what it means and how to move on. The plot point of Hani wanting to recover their memories is really nice and i love their design.

Witch Hat Atelier, 2016-now
The story is still ongoing, but i love the direction it's going in so far! The discussions of disability and ableism are discussed in a really thoughtful way and the characters are entertaining. The worldbuilding is really cool and allows for so many possibilites. I have a lot to say about the tragedy of Coustas, and Qifrey's characters. I'll save those for a different section.

League of Legends: Arcane
10/10 🟉

Voltron: Legendary Defender, 2016-2018
I'll be honest i think this show ruined my life a tiny bit.