New media entry. Bulbbul. added Camaraderie, eyestrain warning.

Can you believe it? Christmas, just a week away! I updated the introduction and Q&A.

Added the footer and music! it autoplays and loops. I need to figure out how to format lists for comics menu but that is a problem for future me.

Working on the menu for comics.html. there's a delay with the css affecting the actual file and it makes me wanna kill myself.

Added other pages. Made it so the menu changes the iframe. still a wip.
EDIT: Lo and behold, the website fucking explodes on me. Seriously, how do people do this? I'm so tired. Maybe it'll fix itself in the morning. Who knows. Not me! I don't care.

Guess who managed to delete an entire html webpage on accident? That's right, me. I need to kill myself honestly. Anyway, recap on what happened since a month ago.

  • Transfered site to neocities
  • Added title and fixed formatting slightly
  • Updated theme
  • Swapped out layout for an iframe based menu for easier customization later on
  • cried myself to sleep twice

New theme! the old one hurt my eyes when i stared at it for too long (as i usually do) and this one is prettier. Updated formatting significantly as well. it's still a wip though, mainly working on the home page.
to do:

  • change basic menu to custom
  • find more graphics for the rest of the site

updated commissions section: terms of service, centred title text.

updated gallery, added Revolutionary Girl Utena entry to media review (unfinished).

new entry to media reviews, Our dreams at dusk. updated formatting on scroll boxes slightly.

Formatting is so annoying to do on google sites. you can't adjust the layout for phones individually like you can on carrd.co so it looks wonky. anyways, i've updated the music section and made the buttons on personal actually lead somewhere. yay me!

UPDATE: i added web buttons under the non-binary pride blinkie and i think i killed my eyes trying to pick which ones to use.

Changed formatting slightly on scroll boxes and changed normal text to Times New Roman. working on the layout of blog currently. Also added the following to the "personal" page":

  • Blog, Gallery, links, and music buttons
  • music player (with much struggle)
  • Media review scroll box

set up update log. yesterday i tried to switch to neocities, but i am not very good at code and crashed the entire site.

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Hello hello, I'm Nami!>>>
An individual of unspecified age that was found by the Canadian research division POLAR in the distant land of antarctica. Now I spend most of my time losing my mind over composition and css stylesheets. I created this site as a place to archive myself and my creations before they are forgotten.

Highly recommend viewing this site on chrome with a desktop/tablet. Otherwise, roughly 90% of the website will break completely. I'm working on optimization i swear just give it a few more years.

Note: if you're looking at this site for my portfolio or anything in the professional sense please please please do not look anywhere on the personal page i will cry.

Questions? Here are some Answers!

Q:How old are you?

Q:What software (and device) do you use?
A:I use Procreate and Procreate Dreams with an iPad Air 4th generation.

Q:Are your commissions open?
A:They are always open unless specified otherwise.

Q:What languages do you speak?
A:English mainly, but if i try hard enough i can read français and tiếng Việt.

Q:Gender? Pronouns?
A:Gender? maybe. Pronouns? All.

Q:Are you human?
A:About as human as the average person I'd hope.

Q:How did you make this website?
A:I cried a lot.